On August 1, 2013 I left my homestate of Michigan and headed west to Colorado. I started this blog as a way of keeping my friends and family in touch with my mile-high adventures, as well as my new life in dental school.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Work hard, play hard!

When I originally committed to CU, I knew I was in for 4 years of serious outdoor fun.  Dental school is a very rigorous and demanding program that requires your full dedication if you intend on surviving.  However, for all the hard work I put in, I also get a lot of fun out of it, too.

As most of you know, Aspen, CO is the host of the winter X Games every year.  In 2014, I was fortunate enough to BE THERE and experience it in all of it's Xtreme glory!  Me and a group of classmates loaded up a truck and headed up for an incredible weekend in one of America's most beautiful cities.  We stayed with a friend's family (Thanks Doug!) and enjoyed all that Aspen had to offer.  Since I haven't yet invested in skis, I stayed in and attempted to study a little while watching the Games while my friends hit the slopes, but we all celebrated with a night out on the town the first night, and went to see TiĆ«sto's concert the second night.  In all, I can't imagine a better weekend!

Following the X Games, I spent a weekend at Breckenridge with CU's other Delta Sigma Delta members on their annual Ski Trip.  Again, I didn't ski, but half of the group stayed in and there was plenty to do at the house.  The weekend went by so quickly, and I'm already excited for next year!  As if the weekend couldn't get any better, it ended with SuperBowl Sunday!  Some friends and I celebrated in downtown Denver, and even though the Broncos lost, it was an incredible end to an unforgettable weekend.